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Ponte Nova Prospect

About Ponte Nova

Three permits collectively with an aggregate land area amount to a total of 4,969 hectares which are situated in an interpreted lineage of the modelled pegmatite corridor which runs from the Latin Resources Salinas Lithium Project, through the Colina deposit and potentially further Northeast into the Ponte Nova.


  • The Ponte Nova tenements are strategically located within the Eastern Brazilian Pegmatite Province and are closely associated with the Neoproterozoic Araçuaí orogeny. The geological characteristics of these areas primarily encompass granite and sedimentary rocks dating back to the Neoproterozoic era, all situated within the Araçuaí Orogen. These pegmatites have originated through the separation of magmatic fluids from peraluminous S-type granitoids, closely tied to the geological events of the Araçuaí Orogen. This unique geological context presents promising opportunities for exploration and the discovery of valuable resources.

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